Liles Roofing 21-point inspection

I. A quality job is dependent on roofing system inspections:

21 point roof inspection.

Roofing system inspection

• Before the job, with the homeowner
• During the job while installation is in progress
• After the job is completed -a final walk through with the home owner

II. Develop an inspection checklist

Roof inspection checklist

Roof inspection checklist

III. Before the job

Drone roof inspection

Drone Roof Inspection

• Inspect the roofing system with the homeowner
• Document what you see (photos or written notes)
• Check the roof *measurements, projections, flashings, slope, vents, etc.)
• Check the attic (sheathing, ventilation, insulation)
A. Rotten wood, stains, mold, rust on nail tips, blocked soffit vents, other vents, bathroom or kitchen exhaust vents properly terminated, insulation type and lever, etc.)
• Check the ceiling *stains, mold, cracking)
• Check the yard (plants, shrubs, trees, decks, etc.)
• Prepare your estimate, discuss with homeowner

IV. During the job

Tear-off and waste disposal, cleanliness

Roof loading, equipment, roof tools, and hoses.

• Safe roofing is no accident (setup, ladders, fall protection, etc.)
• Tear-off and waste disposal, cleanliness
• Roof loading, equipment/tools, hoses, etc.
• Underlayment, measurements, chalk lines, drip edges, starter strips
• Shingle application, bundle staging, alignment, fastening, hip and ridge caps, vents, etc.
• Flashing details, use roofing cements.

V. After the job, Final inspection

Clean roof install

Cleaning roof debris after roofing is complete.

• Does the roof look good?
A. Debris cleaned up
B. Roof lays flat (fix “fishmouths”)
C. Replace broken or scuffed shingles
D. Shingles are sealed down
E. Flashings are secure
• With the homeowner, check out the roof and the grounds – get his/her approval before leaving
A. Photos: Take phots of the finished roof installation for future reference
B. Neighbors: Leave your business cards with the neighbors on either side, across the street and behind the home if appropriate. Offer to have someone return if they should find any debris in their yard from your recent work. This is a goodwill and may lead to future business.

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