Insurance Claim

Liles Roofing Company

Homeowner’s Insurance protect your assets from accidents and unexpected forces of nature, but understanding how your coverage works is often a complex process that could be made more difficult by roofing problems. When you need a Nashville area roofing contractor to evaluate roof damage, we will help you work with your insurance company. We assist homeowners through the roof insurance claims process to get the roof replacement you deserve.

A good place to start is to consider a worst-case scenario and prevent it from happening anyway you can. First, we recommend before difficult roofing problem arise, the best thing to do is to get a better understanding of your coverage. Understanding roofing coverage is that best way so that are no surprises. Second, address roof maintenance on a yearly basis is a fundamental Liles Roofing Company strategy that allows homeowners roofing peace of mind.

More about Routine Maintenance

Ask yourself the question, “Does my homeowners policy cover roof replacement if damage has occurred”? We get this question a lot, and the best way to answer is that it varies case by case. As you may already know, the typical homeowners’ insurance policy normally will not cover damage caused by neglect, so regular maintenance is crucial. Most insurance policies have terminology that refer to destruction from poor home maintenance generally is not covered and insurance companies may require you to have separate riders if you want that type of protection.  We recommend you have a roof inspection twice a year. Once in the spring and the other in the fall. We can offer routine maintenance to clean your roof from moss, mildew, leaves in gutters, check drip edge, and look for storm damage. The checkup will include gutters and shingles for damage, and check flashing for leaks, drip edge for water penetrations and let you know when it’s time to consider roof repairs or roof replacement. Please keep in mind, establishing a relationship with a roofing company will expedite the process when it’s time to speak with you r insurance and make a claim. The relationship we build is essential of having someone you trust and to ensure you are getting roof work that is covered.

Roof repair and roof replacement can be costly options for homeowners, and while it’s true an insurance policy will cover sudden damage from accidents or unpreventable damage, without certain additional coverages, insurance generally will not cover repairs.  A home warranty offering roof coverage can help you with routine roofing services and roof leaks, this may be an investment worth exploring. In any event, please be sure to keep all related roof upkeep documents so that you can provide these supporting documents to your insurance adjuster. These are extremely helpful if a claim for roof replacement is filed.